Brisket Burgers

Brisket Burgers

Seasoned 100% ground beef patties blended with juicy pieces of Texas Beef Brisket, grilled medium-well and served with choice of one side and spicy Hell-Fire Pickles.




Piled high with Georgia Chopped Pork and two strips of jalapeno bacon, melted sharp American cheese and our signature Beam & Cola BBQ sauce




Devil's Spit

Slathered with Devil’s Spit BBQ sauce, topped with melted pepper-Jack cheese jalapeno bacon and hellfire pickles.



Smoked Cheddar

Simple perfection topped with house-smoked cheddar cheese.


Jacked & Stacked

Topped with Jack cheese and stacked with crispy Onion Strings.



Dave's Favorite

Slathered with Rich & Sassy, topped with melted Jack cheese and two strips of bacon.




Classic Cheeseburger

Our traditional ground beef burger served with lettuce, tomato and choice of melted Jack or sharp American cheese.



Char-Grilled Burger

A classic burger, served with lettuce and tomato