Served with choice of one side and spicy Hell-Fire Pickles. Try it “Memphis-style,” and we’ll top you ‘que sandwich with Creamy Coleslaw for just$0.79



Burnt Ends

Tender pieces of Texas Beef Brisket seared and caramelized with Sweet & Zesty BBQ Sauce.





Georgia Chopped Pork

Award-winning, slow-smoked chopped pork topped with Rich & Sassy.





Texas Beef Brisket

Piled high with hand seasoned, hickory-smoked Texas beef brisket.





Barbeque Pulled Chicken

Roasted, pulled chicken, tossed in Rich & Sassy and topped with melted Jack cheese.




The Manhandler

Choice of Texas Beef Brisket or Georgia Chopped Pork piled high with Hot Link Sausage and topped with Hell-Fire Pickles

Hot Link

Smoked and spicy… a mouthful of hollers on a bun!


BBQ Buddies

Mini versions of our favorite sandwiches- Georgia Chopped Pork, texas Beef Brisket, Barbeque Pulled Chicken and Hot Link Sausage – served on toasted buns.